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viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

Banking: Customers View - Q&A Part II

The Bank is good performing with current Banking Core, and then what do you suggest we need to improve?

In this case, transactional Core business is good supported but is this information available to CFO, COO, CMO, CEO….?
What about information visibility to managers and when is available to make decisions?

So, from my experience, this is the order of things you need to focus in order to support Directors and Managers to conduct appropriate decisions on time:

a.       Strategy Vision (Try to understand why your company need to perform this process
b.      Financial Vision (Where  money come from and what is going to be used for)
c.       Operational Vision (Understand your macro chain processes and evaluate their pensiveness to a and b points.
d.      Risk Vision (In any step of your vision, focus in: operational risk, credit risk, market risk, free risk, franchise risk and cross border risk, translate to figures and triggers)
e.      Shareholder vision (What do they expect from their capital)
f.        Competitive vision (Understand your market share and position in your peer group)
g.       Market Vision (Understand what your company wealth is producing for market)
h.      Working Capital (Do we need a plan career, a valuable position, avoid competitor stolen, provide training on specialist matters and culture)

Once you have evaluated these eight points, you need to answer from top down way, what IT can offer for your company.
Check de following picture I do for you:

As you can see, try to focus yourself in the company and start to interact with peers to find an appropriate sponsor to improve numbers and performance.

How can I convince the company that actually needs to implement a solution to improve my team performance?

It’s not an easy way to convince your boss, but I suggest four points to at least he thinks about it

  1.     KPI Based, use your team KPI performance and calculate how much you think can improve with a new solution
  2.        Objectives Based, measure not reached objectives and probes you can reach this year with the new solution.
  3.       Vision & Mission based, align your point 1 and 2 with your boss Objectives and CEO Vision into a special RFP. Include a functional rationale a business rationale, and an Overall better performance due to better deliveries to other areas.
  4.        Resources Based, use a capacity plan with your current team and create a cost plan that allows you to define the need to hire external resources.

 Be prepared to defend your proposal!

How can I make a capacity plan to actually convince my boss?

You should actually think like him to start a proposal. So, to convince your boss, you need to include her experience and skills as your adviser to your proposal, next try to mix your objectives with her feedback.

Next, answer five questions to him:

  1. Who
  2.  How
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. Risk & Opportunities

At this point, only you need your teams cost by hour, sizes your subordinates’ occupancy % and demonstrate they are at least 85% working.

Next, calculate how many hours do you need to do not interrupt your current service and how many labor hours you can use to continue in compliance with your current KPI.

In other words, you can work in your usual job as the new project, even without altering your current performance.

Finally, translate to numbers, hours, weeks and occupancy%

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